Los Pescadores

About Us

Federico, viviendo E. U el auge de la era de la cerveza artesanal, comienza a sentir el deseo y la inquietud de iniciar proyecto para la creación de una cerveza artesanal de calidad en México. Entonces, viaja a visitar a su hermano a Playa del Carmen y le comenta, a Alberto le gusta la idea, lo apoya y le propone invitar a un amigo, Luciano.

Así estos tres emprendedores comienzan a construir la Casa Cervecera Pescadores con la idea de elaborar la mejor cerveza artesanal de Mexico.

Pescadores  casi, casi un negocio familiar "si se tiene al amigo como adoptado".

Why Pescadores

Nothing more faithful for a proper name to be identified from its place of origin. That is why, at the time of thinking about it, we focused attention on feeling, watching and listening what was going on in this sublime place called Riviera Maya. We found out that one of the most important attractions was fishing and its commercialization.

In honor of this fact, we have decided to create the most perfect beer to share the special moment of the day, where fishing finishes but the refreshing time begins.

“Pescadores” comes up for the ones who defy the sea at different times of the day, loosing track of time in the infinite ocean and, when fishing is over, they cool off with a good beer which honors their sacrifice.